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When Donato first picked up a camera he knew he would have a hard time putting it down. It became a reason for him to step out from a dark place, which he had struggled with for some time. The dark world in which he knew so well would soon come to light after being released from prison in 2011. His inspiration derived from many great documentary photographers, such as Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Hellen Levit, Gary Winogrand, and William Klein, just to name a few, but it was Bruce Gilden and Klein's street photography that made Donato realize that he could scream through his images. His work is a constant search that's forged out of his own curiosities. They're derived from his own interpretation of people, as well as deep rooted moments in the physiological confines of his mind.

"I love the amazing differences in people and how beautifully unique we all are. Good bad or indifferent; People never cease to amaze me, they often answer many of my own questions. The littlest detail, maybe in the eyes or the way someone walks can be the difference of making a photograph".





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An up-and-coming street photographer speaks with us about what catches his eye

By Skyler Reid Posted June 3, 2016

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Fall workshops

Announcing fall workshop beginning October 1st (don't be afraid) This workshop explores the aspect of approaching strangers without the paralyzing elements of fear that photographers often endure. Get comfortable with doing what you love.

Spaces are limited, please contact for more details.

special student discounts apply.