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When Donato first picked up a camera he knew he would have a hard time putting it down. It became a reason for him to step out from a dark place, which he had struggled with for some time. The dark world in which he knew so well would soon come to light after being released from prison in 2011. His inspiration derived from many great documentary photographers, such as Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Hellen Levit, Gary Winogrand, and William Klein, just to name a few, it was their photography that made Donato realize that he could scream through his images. His work is a constant search that's forged out of his own curiosities. They're derived from his own interpretation of people, as well as deep rooted moments in the physiological confines of his mind.

"I love the amazing differences in people and how beautifully unique we all are. Good bad or indifferent; People never cease to amaze me, they often answer many of my own questions. The littlest detail, maybe in the eyes or the way someone walks can be the difference of making a photograph".



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An up-and-coming street photographer speaks with us about what catches his eye

By Skyler Reid Posted June 3, 2016

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Don’t Be Afraid Street Photography Workshop 2016 

Announcing Halloween walk about workshop on October 29th & 30th - 12pm-5pm  On Coney Island Board Walk. This workshop explores the aspect of approaching strangers without the paralyzing elements of fear that photographers often endure. Get comfortable with doing what you love, and have a great time doing it! 

Don’t Be Afraid Street Photography Workshop 2016 will be conducted by Donato Di Camillo. This class is organized for beginner to intermediate level photographers.

If you would like to secure your spot for the workshop please submit your full tuition with the Paypal button. If you have any questions about the workshop, please email Donato at

Once you submit your payment, your spot is secured for the workshop. We will contact you via email with a printable ticket to bring to the workshop.

Workshop Description:

In this exciting 2-day weekend workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of street photography, how to create visually compelling images, and at the same have fun doing so.


During the 2-day workshop, we will focus on How to confidently approach and interact with strangers on the street.

How to react to people who get offended

How to anticipate & capture “The Decisive Moment”

We will cover basic camera settings for shooting in the street.

How to look for situations that personally catch your eye.

How to decide the do's and dont’s in street photography / photography.


Day 1 (Saturday): 12:00pm - 5:00pm

We will meet Saturday morning 11:30am for coffee or tea where we will introduce ourselves. I will give a brief presentation on what to prepare for during our walk along. Before we head out on the streets to shoot, I will give you technical advice on the best settings to use on your camera to move forward that day. 

At the end of the day, we will go out to get something to eat together where I can continue to give you feedback on the photos you took on the day of.  This will also give us more time to get to know one another better and talk more about the art of street photography.

Day 2 (Sunday): 12:00pm-5:00pm

On Sunday we will shoot again focusing on the areas you want to explore. I will continue to help you incorporate how to approach strangers. I will give each of you a task to go forward with to see how your level of comfort and approach is going.

After shooting on the streets, we will return to the workshop location where we will review the work over the past 2 days. 

You will choose (your) best 10 images from the weekend and send them to my studio where they will be critiqued. 5 of the best will be selected for a group slide show to be discussed amongst the rest of the group via Skype.

This workshop will be like no other you’ve attended, we will actually have fun learning, and doing what we love!! 

Travel & Hotel Accommodations:

Travel and hotel accommodations are not included in the workshop.

If you need assistance finding a hotel, flight, or driving directions we will assist you. Just drop us an email and we will be happy to help!


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